Alabaster City

The capital of Eldemore and the largest city state in the land. Alabaster is one of the oldest settlements. There are many legends and a deep history that is etched into the great white buildings that make up this ancient place. It is one of the few cities that have progressed quite far in both magic and technology; however there is still a separation between the church and state. This creates much conflict within both the government and the heads of the church, neither agreeing and both vying for power. However, that is another story entirely...what is truly astounding about this city are the people and Runes who have come together to make it what it is now. Alabaster is truly the white city of Eldemore; it is filled with diverse races and creatures that have all come together under one banner. A true testament to what we can achieve, Alabaster's great white gates have always been open, regardless of the conflict which ensues in its shadows.

(By Benathorn )