All Hallows' Eve


The Flickering Vales

Last day Scene

Vale 6



POE Otterlings: The power within this stone calls to you, but to obtain the gifts of the Vale, a sacrifice is required...a candy sacrifice.

Wisp Rune Drakes: Through the lightning, you catch the visage of a large egg, but you still can't reach it. The power within the Vale demands more candy.

Cursed Dire Wolf: From the light and crackle of the stone, you hear a sad wimper. Surely you will give up a tiny bit of your candy to free this sad pup's soul from the Vale

Hallow Rune Dragon: Within the newly glowing stone, you see a vibrant orange flare. The very spirit of All Hallow's Eve calls to you.

Grim Rune Dragon: The energy within this stone is not as innocent as the others. This one exudes mischievous and malign will. Eyes like a burning moon glare back at you. Will you free this soul from its prison?

Grave Keeper Ancient: Finally, the Vale has opened to completion. The moon has reached its peak, and All Hallow's Eve is upon us.  From within the spiritual gateway, a great and terrible power resonates. A voice echoes  forth, "Bring me candy, and I shall grant you power!"

Token Stuff:

Limit Hit: A voice within the stump hisses at you, You have taken all 250 pieces of my candy! There is no more left for you here! Leave me now.

Found Item: You have found something!

Found Pet: You have found a rare creature! You use your candy to lure the creature to your Homestead.

Waiting: There is nothing here. Perhaps you should come back in 15 minutes.

After event, in the clearing Here lies an old stump, all that remains of a once great tree.

(Thanks to Skye~)