alliegator has been an Artist since may 2014. She had her debut on July 2014 with her litter of Poison Dart Otterlings.

Her main tasks are creating monthly and event pets for Eldemore.

Who is alliegator?

alliegator is a girl from the USA who loves bracelets from plastic lacing, and trying out new hairstyles for her long hair. She also loves to visit the gym.

Her favorite band is Death Cap for Cutie, favorite show is House, favorite movie is Stranger Then Fiction, and her favorite quotes are "I will get by, I will survive" from Touch of Grey by The Grateful Dead and "Don't dream it, be it" from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

She also has a cat whom she really loves. Her cat's name is Mimi.


She also has some favorite Eldemore pets, created by herself which are the Poison Dart Otterlings, the Angel Pygmys and the Carousel Sleipnir.

Artist Stuff

alliegator uses a Wacom Intous 4 medium and she creates her designs with Photoshop CS6.

Her favorite creatures to design are Dire Wolves, but there are many pets she hasn't tried yet. She also enjoys drawing torsos and hairstyles or dresses. Sometimes she didn't enjoy drawing knees but mainly there is nothing she does not enjoy to draw.

alliegator would like to include a link to her online art portfolio here:

alliegator and Eldemore

alliegator found Eldemore thanks to her best friend. They told her to take a look at Eldemore and she decided to sign up for an account.

She mostly enjoys the Eldemore events and the lore based stories around every event.

When the artist applications came up, she decided it would be very funny to give it a try and would help her doing art every month. Furthermore she got caught by the userbase who gets excited about her designs.

For Eldemores future she wishes to see the site grow and more development into the lore.

(All informations, images and links are given by alliegator herself)