Benathorn is the founder of Eldemore and the head admin of the site. She started Eldemore with a small forum-based adoptables thread on Chicken Smoothie together with her older sister Jendalie. One of her main jobs on Eldemore is to make new pet designs for monthly releases and Bazaar Pets.

She is very involved in the forum and stick around everywhere to work nearby the other Eldemorians. Some of her work in the forums is to set up new threads for events or trading threads of each month. This can also be done by a moderator or general helper. She also keeps the forum clean and sets up rules for a friendly user base, as well as keeping the community up to date and clears understandable stuff for other users.

About Benathorn

Benathorn is a young woman from the east cost of the U.S. Her hobby is gaming. She loves playing Bioware games and RPG's on any possible systems. Also she loves to read books from various genres and even write those by herself. Thereby she improves her own writing skills and uses those to write the unique lore and story lines of every event. Another passion of her is drawing of course. She enjoys creating fantasy stuff and also the pets for Eldemore.

She is the wife of Eldemores Code Wizard Zayin and she is the little siter of Jendalie , which works hard on the event scenery artwork. She also owns a Dachshund, which got a Dire Wolf refference on Eld and was able to be adopted on Zayin s birthday in 2014.

Benathorn and Eldemore

Benathorn originally creates Rune Dragons and Rune Drakes with the Chibi Paint drawing tool on another adoptable site. She first started to make adoptables for other users there. Due the high amount of interest and the mass of encouragement she got, she decide to continue making these and create even more adoptables. 

The same way goes the Elkrin adoptions. Benathorn wanted to expand the world of Eldemore and created the Elkrin for that. Jendalie joined her to create custom Elkrin s for other user. Due all this they decide to create an own site for the Rune and Elkrin adoptions. They put together some other popular mythical creatures, modified them for the use of Eldemore and put them up to additional adoption. All of the line arts are made by either Benathorn or Jendalie .

The name "Eldemore" was created by Benathorn when she was much younger. She wanted to base a whole book series of The Land Of Eldemore, instead she get to base a whole website of this. Due the coding skills of her husband Zayin and the scenery art of Jendalie, she was able to make this come true and allow others to enjoy it together with her.