Chouhesi became a general helper in 2013. In 2014 she was promoted to the position of Moderator.

About Chouhesi

Chouhesi is a girl from Germany who loves reading, coding, spending time on the internet, drawing, and playing MMORPGs such as Elder Scrolls Online.

She loves to make jokes which can only can be understand by coders or people who are familiar with coding and programming in general.


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Chouhesi and Eldemore

One day she came across the black Dire wolf from August 2013 in someones signature and clicked the link to see where it came from. She finds black wolves to be very eye-catching, and was enticed to join the site.

She really likes how lovely and close together the Eldemore community is, beside that, she had always fun to read the forums and stalk the different topics.

During the All Hallows' Eve event in October 2013, she fell in love with Eldemore and it's community. She started to interact with fellow Eldemorians, and decided to apply as general helper when the applications came up, so that she could help keep Eldemore a welcoming and lovely place for everybody.

For Eldemore's Future, she would love to see a even bigger community, while staying as lovely as it is now. She would also like the ability to explore the Eldemore map any further and get more options there.

Last but not least, she wishes to have more Phoenixes, because, as she says, "Nothing is better then Phoenixes."

(All Information and Images are given by Chouhesi herself)