cjr09 was a general helper in 2015. They became a moderator in February 2016.

About cjr09

Cj is a girl, living in Texas but comes originally from Scotland, who is totally addicted to Eldemore. She loves to write stories, and hopes to be an author in the future.

Quote from cj: "I am Snafu's illegitimate daughter."

cjr09 and Eldemore

Once on Chicken Smoothie, cj came across a custom Elkrin. Without hesitation she bravely clicked on it to see where it came from. Immediately she fell in love with Eldemore. She found a lot of friends on Eldemore, and soon she found herself surrounded by Eldsonas.

Most of all things about being a general helper she loves that people come to her with their questions. She likes to be a helpful part of Eldemores community.

For Eldemores future she wishes to watch it grow continually, and of course, the community remain to be this kind and awesome.

Some of cjs favorite Eldemore creatures:



(All informations are given by cjr09 herself)

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