Eldemore has a fantastic user-base that is cheerful and friendly, a few exciting user-made events occur. Edit

This page is subject to change as the years go on.Edit

Glitch Day

You may hear about this day during the month of July. The user Aralas sent a message around to a few members and decided to pull a prank on the other users, specifying that on July 20th, the users would all change their username to a variation of "Error 404" and use Zalgo text through the forums. This event will occur annually, every July 20th.

Eldemore Advent

Eldemore has a separate Yule and holiday event that is completely original, however a few members decided that they were going to host an Advent for the coming season. This advent was created by the two General Helpers, Aralas and Scmarshtacky, and one regular member, Startedraining. The advent is completely user-created and user-run, all gifts and pets and prizes are pets that the three members stated above own and will give away. It began in 2014 but did not continue into 2015. We look forward to 2016!