Dire Wardens

Dire Wardens are an order that originated from the Darak'i people in the Silver Dunes. These people are strong willed in nature and have a high sense of honor and loyalty to their own, much like the wolves that accompany them. They are fierce like their deserts and large like the packs. To be a Dire Warden is a long held tradition among the capitol of Darak'i. Once a child reaches the age of eight they are gathered with other children of their age to meet the pack and be chosen by one of the new Dire pups. This bond starts early and when Warden and Dire are first united they create a bond so strong that each would die for the other. They are accepted as part of the pack and begin their training to become a Warden. Though the Dire Wolves magic does not influence their Warden's appearance like the Elkrin and Leones do, the wardens have a wild-like appearance to begin with, as well as a strong personality. A Dire Warden is the second most numerous profession besides the Rune Bearers . Their capitol is also on good terms with Alabaster city , but they have an inherit distrust for the fragile Elkrin Riders and the haughty Keepers of Leones. They are considered brash and straightforward, and always love the prospect of battle. A pack of Dire Wardens is quite a force to be reckoned with, as they excel in devastating attack magic.

(By Banathorn)