Eldemore has a very special Easter release every year. Special Boxes are released with random pets created by different Staff member. Along with that comes a user made guessing game. The staff gives hint which pet they may created, and our users guess who did what.

Chipmunk Chillawing By Benathorn

Chipmunk Chillawing

Pancake Egg By Aralas

Pancake Egg

Meadowlark By Archer


Overgrown Rune Drake By Chouhesi

Overgrown Rune Drake

Gardener Sea Serval By cjr09

Gardener Sea Serval

Egg Painter By Commander Shepard

Egg Painter

Ugly Duckling By Fawx

Ugly Duckling

Cuttle Bunny By Grifforik

Cuttle Bunny

Dandeliger By KisaWolfz


Foo Rabbit By KittyCatKita

Foo Rabbit

Spring Phoenix By Mira

Spring Phoenix

Tulip Field Elkrin By Roonie-Roe

Tulip Field Elkrin

Sakura Bonsai By Scar

Sakura Bonsai

Valais Blacknose Dire Wolf By Silverhart

Valais Blacknose Dire Wolf

Robin Egg Jackalope By Skeseth

Robin Egg Jackalope

Fairy Ring Otterling By Sphye

Fairy Ring Otterling

Constellation Jackalope By Startedraining

Constellation Jackalope

Celtand Dew Otterling By Tyasi

Celtand Dew Otterling

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