This was the first month after the official Launch of Eldemore. These pets were the very first and will become a way more value then other pets which were released later.

RGB Rune Dragons By Benathorn

Red Rune Dragon Arc (7) Blue Rune Dragon

Arc (8)

Green Rune Dragon

Arc (9)

Red Rune Dragon Pygmy Arc (1) Blue Rune Dragon Pygmy Arc (2)

Green Rune Dragon Pygmy Arc (3)

Monochrome Rune Dragons By Benathorn

Black Monochrome Rune Dragon Arc (18) Silver Monochrom Rune Dragon Arc (19)
Albino Monochrome Rune Dragon Pygmy Arc (20) Black Monochrome Rune Dragon Pygmy Arc (21)

Faded Galaxy Ancient By Benathorn

Arc (11)

Black and White Dire Wolves By Benathorn

Black Dire Wolf

Arc (27)

White Dire Wolf

Arc (14)

Silver Dire Wolf Pygmy

Arc (23)

Sunset Ligers By Benathorn

Male Sunset Liger Arc (15) Female Sunset Liger Arc (25)

Sunset Liger Pygmy

Arc (24)

Speckled Otterlings By Benathorn

Male Speckled Otterling

Arc (28)

Female Speckled Otterling

Arc (29)

Speckled Otterling Pygmy

Arc (26)

Beta Glasswork Dragon By Jendalie

Arc (31)