About the Event

The Festival of Lights celebration was Eldemore's first Yuletide event. Tokens could be collected and exchanged for special creatures, and if one was lucky they might find a rare creature whilst collecting tokens.

Festival of Lights Pets

Desert Otterlings By Geinkotsu

Brownie Otterling Pygmy 167 Gingerbread Otterling Pygmy 168 Lovely Gingerbread Otterling 169
Sour Drop Otterling Pygmy 170 Red Crumble Mixture Male Otterling 171 Red Crumbled Mixture Female Otterling 172
Green and Red Crubled Mixture Otterling Pygmy 173 Biscuit Otterling Pygmy 174 Suger Snowman Otterling Pygmy 175

Reinelkrin By KittyCatKita

Brown Reinelkrin


White Reinelkrin


Overwinter Dire Wolves By KittyCatKita

Chickadee Dire Wolf 180

Red-Breasted Nuthatch Dire Wolf 181

European Blue Titmouse Dire Wolf 182

Crested Titmouse Tit Dire Wolf 183

Red Cardinal Dire Wolf 184

Nuthatch Hatchling Dire Wolf Pygmy 185

Blue Jay Dire Wolf 186

Starling Dire Wolf 187

Night Sky Ligers By KittyCatKita

Male Night Sky Liger 189 Female Night Sky Liger 190

Night Sky Liger Pygmy


Woodland Wreath Elkrin By Benathorn

Woodland Wreath Elkrin Stag


Woodland Wreath Elkrin Doe


Woodland Wreath Elkrin Pygmy


Naughty or Nice Rune Drakes By DracosCanine

Nice Rune Drake


Naughty Rune Drake


Marbled Otterlings By Verdana

Male Marbled Otterling 201 Female Marbled Otterling 202

Blue Eye Otterling Pygmy


Spirit Lantern Rune Drake By Geinkotsu

Spirit Lantern Rune Drake 205 Pink Lantern Rune Drake 206

Glowing Spirit Lantern Rune Drake Pygmy


Ancient of the Past By Benathorn