Plains Elkrins By Verdana

White Plains Elkrin Doe Arc (80) Orange Plains Elkrin Doe Arc (81) Purple Plains Elkrin Stag Arc (82)

Silver Plains Elkrin Pygmy

Arc (83)

Brown and White Plains Elkrin Pygmy

Arc (79)

Fire and Ice Rune Dragons By DracosCanine

Ice Rune Dragon

Arc (85)

Fire Rune Dragon

Arc (86)

Fire Rune Dragon Pygmy

Arc (87)

Jade Otterlings By Jendalie

Cyan Jade Otterling Pygmy Arc (89) Green Jade Otterling Arc (90) Purple Jade Otterling Arc (91)

Glass Seal Ligers By Benathorn

Male Glass Seal Liger Arc (94) Female Glass Seal Liger Arc (95)

Angel Seal Liger

Arc (96)

Mutt Dire Wolves By Benathorn

Dirty Mutt Dire Wolf Arc (100) Black Mutt Dire Wolf Arc(101)

Mutt Dire Wolf Pygmy

Arc (99)

Royal Scroll Rune Drakes By Benathorn

Royal Scroll Rune Drake Pygmy Arc(103) Royal Scroll Rune Drake Arc(104)

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