Birthday Pets

Geinkotsu Elkrin By Geinkotsu

Released 2014-01-09 on Geinkotsus Birthday

Dream Eater Rune Dragon By Benathorn

Released 2014-02-06 on Commander Shepards Birthday

Tartarus Sea Serval By Rainbow Finch

Released 2014-03-06 on Rainbowfinches Birthday

Jellyfish Rune Dragon By Benathorn

Released 2014-04-07 on Spyhes Birthday

Seth Sergeant Dire Wolf By Benathorn

Released 2014-06-22 on Verdanas Birthday

Bongo Sea Serval By Benathorn

Released 2014-07-28 on Chouhesis Birthday

Pearl Essence Liger By Grifforik

Released 2014-09-12 on Grifforiks Birthday

Cold Fire Sleipnir By Benathorn

Released 2014-08-28 on Benathorns Birthday

Snickers Dire Wolf By cloudstarwolf

Released on 2014-09-07 on cloudstarwolfes Birthday

Ice cavern Rune Dragon By Jendalie

Released 2014-09-09 on Aralas Birthday

Siren Sea Serval By Benathorn

Released 2014-09-10 on Viddis Birthday

Dewey The Dachshund By Benathorn

Released  2014-10-18 on Zayins Birthday

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