Festival of Lights

Husky Dire Wolves By Grifforik

"Dasher" Dire WolfHusky1 "Dancer" Dire Wolf PygmyHusky2 "Donner" Dire WolfHusky3
"Cupit" Dire Wolf Husky4

"Comet" Dire Wolf Pygmy


Snow Angel Pets By alliegator

Snow Angel Dire Wolf Pygmy Angel1 Snow Angel Rune Drake Pygmy Angel2

Snow Angel Liger Pygmy


Snow Angel Otterling Pygmy


Winter Landscape Sleipnir By Bast-et

Snowy Landscape Sleipnir


Lit Landscape Sleipnir 


Midnight Landscape Sleipnir  Landscape3 Sunset Landscape Sleipnir Pygmy Landscape4

Twelve Elkrin of Christmas By Silverhart

A Partridge In a Pear Tree Elkrin Twelve1 Two Turtle Doves Elkrin Pygmy Twelve2 Three French Hens Elkrin Doe Twelve3
Four Calling Birds Elkrin Stag Twelve4 Five Golden Rings Elkrin Pygmy  Twelve5 Six Geese-a-Laying Elkrin Doe Twelve6
Seven Swans-a-Swimming Elkrin Doe 


Eight Maids-a-Milking Elkrin Doe Twelve8 Nine Ladies Dancing Elkrin Doe Twelve9
Ten Lords-a-Leaping Elkrin Stag Twelve10 Eleven Pipers Pipping Elkrin Stag Twelve11

Twelve Drummers Drumming Elkrin Stag 


Bundle Up Rune Dragons By KittyCatKita

Down Jacket Rune Dragon Bundle1

Hat and Scarf Rune Dragon 


Patches Rune Dragon Bundle3 Christmas Sweater Rune Dragon Bundle4

Christmas Light Rune Drake By Diddlebug

Broken Light Rune Drake Pygmy  Christmaslight1 Green Christmast lights Rune  Drake Christmaslight2
Snowman lit Rune Drake Christmaslight3 Green Christmas Tree Rune Drake Christmaslight4

Rainbowlight Rune Drake


Snowflake Sea Serval By Liirarwen

Perse Snow Flake Sea Serval Snowflake1 Periwinkle Snow Flake Sea Serval Snowflake2 Powder Blue Snow Flake Sea Serval Snowflake3
Alice Blue Snow Flake Sea Serval Snowflake4 Ice Blue Snow Flake Sea Serval Snowflake5 Snow Flake Sea Serval PygmySnowflake6

Winter Coat Otterlings By RainbowFinch

Summer Coat Caribou Otterling Wintercoat1 Autumn Coat Caribou Otterling Wintercoat2 Winter Coat Caribou OtterlingWintercoat3
Summer Coat Arctic Hare Otterling Wintercoat4

Autumn Coat Arctic Hare Otterling


Winter Coat Arctic Hare Otterling Wintercoat6
Summer Coat Ermine OtterlingWintercoat7 Summer Coat Actic Fox OtterlingWintercoat8 Autumn Coat Arctic Fox OtterlingWintercoat9
Winter Coat Arctic Fox OtterlingWintercoat10 Autumn Coat Ermine OtterlingWintercoat11 Winter Coat Ermine OtterlingWintercoat12

Glass Smith Otterlings By Benathorn

Adult Glass Smith Otterling 


Adolecent Glass Smith Otterling


Glass Smith Pup Otterling Pygmy 


Ancient of the Present By Benathorn


Finch Griffins By Benathorn

European Goldfinch Griffin Finchgrif1

Zebra Finch Griffin 


American Goldfinch GriffinFinchgrif3

Java Finch Griffin 


Yellow-Billed Blue Finch Griffin Finchgrif5 Orange Bishop Finch Griffin Finchgrif6

Spice Finch Griffin


Strawberry Finch Griffin Finchgrif8

Festive Reindeer Liger By wolfmii

Blitzen Liger Pygmy Reindirliger1 Comet Liger Pygmy  Reindirliger2 Cupit Liger Pygmy Reindirliger3
Dancer Liger Pygmy Reindirliger4 Dasher Liger Pygmy Reindirliger5 Donner Liger Pygmy Reindirliger6
Prancer Liger Pygmy Reindirliger7 Vixen Liger Pygmy Reindirliger8 Rudolph Liger Pygmy  Reindirliger9

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