Elysium Sea Serval By KittyCatKita

Released 2015-3-6 on RainbowFinches Birthday


A.I. Griffin By alliegator

Released 2015-03-15 after alliegators Birthday 


Shroom Imp Rune Dragon By Benathorn

Released 2015-04-08 on Sphye's Birthday

Shroom Imp

Bearded Rune Dragon By Grifforik

Released 2015-07-14 on Hyensas Birthday

Bearded Rune Dragon

Ink Quill Rune Dragon By Silverhart

Released 2015-07-19 on Cjr09s birthday

Ink Quill Rune Dragon

Seacret Serval By Secret

Released 2015-07-25 on Secret's birthday


Darak'i Desert Dragon Dire Wolf By Grifforik

Released 2015-07-27 on Chouhesis Birthday

Darak'i Desert

War Paint Jackalope By Benathorn

Released 2015-07-28 on Roonie-Roes Birthday

War Paint

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