The Lore Of Eldemore

The Lore of Eldemore was written by the head admin Benathorn. The Lore describes all about the different creatures, races, proffesions, locations and much more. All this will help you to understand the event storylines and what not, all about the wonderfull land of Eldemore! The land of Eld is a continent full of magic and mystery. Within this place dwell creatures called Runes. These Runes are dragons who carry a bit of magic in their rune mark and forge bonds with the human residents. There are many ethnicity's that range from the dark skinned gypsies to the light skinned individuals of Alabaster. These diverse peoples make up the human population which call Eldemore home. Though this land is made up of many towns, mountains, and rivers, we do not yet know of every mythical creature that lives here. Even the legendary Ancients were thought to be a myth until we figured out that they had been in hiding. Same for the Elkrin, which goes to show that this world of ours is always filled with a new mystery.

(By Benathorn)


Rune Dragons Rune Drakes Glasswork Dragons
Humming Bumbles Otterlings Dire Wolves
Foo Dogs Ligers Sea Servals
Prong Foxes Elkrin Sleipnirs
Griffins Jackalops Ancient


Humans Elvian Wolf-Kin
Avians Ancients Half and True Born


Rune Bearers Dragoons Riders
Paladins Wardens Keepers
Seekers Charmers Watch Crows


Alabaster City (Northern Human Kingdom) Faldurin's Reach (Southern Human Kingdom)
Norland (Western Human Kingdom) Oriental Isles (Eastern Human Kingdom)
Celtlands Mt. Bastion
Ashmoors Darak'i


Ancient Characters
Ancient of Life Ancient of the Wild Ancient of Oblivion
Ancient of Fate Ancients of past, Present, And Future
Captain Willy Sorren Corvus Fiore
The Stump