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This is the Eldemore Codex on this Wiki. First of all are the different races. To get familiar to all of the different species click on the links below. You will find a mid long text written by our head Admin Benathorn. These contents were taken from her lore thread on Eldemore itself. It explains the different species and their special features.

Next you will find a list of the different release years. Since the site was founded in August 2013 we start our pet documentation from this point. Customs are not listed here, they will get their own page in the future. However when you click on any year, you will come to a section to select a month or event you are searching for. Just click on the link and you will be guided to the released pets with their official names. (Note: Jendalie is up to check all the names and it might be appear that there will be a wrong name thus far. They where set as placeholder. EDIT: Most of the pets from 2014 have their official names now. Just be carefull with the names from 2013.)


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