Faldurin's Reach (Southern Human Kingdom): TBD

-The Spire Kingdom:


-The Thundering Valleys:

-Faldurin's Emblem: All four human kingdoms proudly display a national emblem that distinguishes both themselves and the land the hail from. Faldurin's Reach displays a crest of two rearing Sleipnir whose many forelegs intertwine to create the giant spire known as 'Reach' that erupts behind them, while the colors of bronze and emerald inlay the fine earthen metals to best represent the wide plains and homeland of the mounts they value greatly.

It is said that the lords of these valleys were the first to learn how to whisper and calm the mighty mounts, while their plains thunder with the thousand hooves of their infamous cavalry defense. Their lands are filled with wild and untamed Sleipnirs of many breeds, and are often viewed just as wild and mighty as the lords who ride them. The other three kingdoms acknowledge the expert equine skills of the Horse Masters that call these valleys home, and why their emblem is so greatly valued by both merchants and kings alike since their breeds are highly sought after for various tasks across the realm. (Nation Colors: Bronze, Emerald, and Gold)