Mangage Friends and Foes

During your time here on Eldemore you will meet a lot of members. Some may be very nice and you want to keep track of them, while you may find yourself disagreeing with others and wish to avoid them. In either case you can add them to special lists.

Friend list

Here can you view and add friends. Just fill out the blank box to add someone as friend.

Befriending a user will allow you to see when they are online via your friends list, as well as allow you quick access to their homestead or to trade with them.


Foe's list

Here you can view and add foes. Just fill out the blank box to add someone as foe.

Foeing a user will block their posts and messages from you so that you don't need to interact with them. Please note that if a user is harassing you or otherwise breaking any of Eldemore's rules you should report their behavior to the staff so that they can be warned and/or face consequences for their actions.


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