How to manage your wish and hoard list

One of the Codex's most useful features is the wishlist/hoard list function. With these lists, you can let other users see which pets you are missing or are most interested in obtaining, or simply which pets you'd like to get more of.

You can access to your wishlist and hoard list with a button located on the right top in the codex.


To keep your lists clear and well sorted you can now choose whether you want to go to your wishlist or your hoard list.


What is the Wishlist?

The wishlist is a list where you can add missing pets for your collection or pets you want to see in trades.The wishlist is also very helpful while you trade with other members. You can view what your partner is searching for and make a trade that will be beneficial to both members.

Your wishlist appears to be an image list of your missing pets. You can manage your pets here by removing them from your wishlist, or you can autofill your wishlist to include all of the pets that you don't already have in your homestead. The autofill button is right below the wishlist button.


What is the Hoard List?

The hoard list is a list where you can add hoard pets, or pets that you would like to collect more of. To make a hoard list, click the "Add to hoard list" button right next to a pets image. As you add a pet to your hoard, you will be asked how many of it you would like to find. This number can be changed in the Hoard List section of the Codex, and will be visible to your trading partners.


To manage your hoard list you can go along the same way as the wishlist. Just hit the Hoard List button instead of wishlist to access to your hoard list. Here you can view how many pets you have and how many you need to complete your hoard.


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