What is a Thread and what do you need it for?

Creating a thread is not very difficult. First of all you should think about what thread you'd like to create. You can't post just any thread on just any board. You have to think about what thread you want to create, and then post it in the appropriate board for its purpose.

As an example, if you want to make a trading thread to show other users what you want to offer and what you need for your collection, you should obviously not place it within the Forum Games board. Instead you should go to the Trading Post board to post it there. 

Next up you have to differ the Forums on the Board. If you want to do on-site trades your post should not be found in the Off-Site Trading forum. Instead it should be found in the Eldemore Trading Forum.

How to create a Thread

Now we can start to create a thread. First of all you should make yourself familiar how to browse through the different forums and how to post on threads.

After that you can start creating a thread by clicking on the "New Topic" button right on top of the board.


Once you've clicked on there you will be guide to the Posting Surface which is mainly like the normal Thread reply surface. You can now simply write what your thread is about, name it and post it afterwards.

Be sure to always follow the common Eldemore Rules.

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