The Codex

The Codex is the place where you can keep track of the Monthly, Bazaar and Event pets. Every released pet is cataloged here. 

The Codex is updated with new pets after every set of pets has grown, or as they are released during events. Pet's rarities are updated within the Codex and throughout the site within the first week of each month.

Make yourself familiar

The Codex is featured on the upper head bar on top of every page. You can always access the Codex via the second-to-last link on the header.


The Codex is primarily divided by year. You can search through specific months and events within a year if you'd like, or you can view the entire year's pets. Additionally, you can sort through the Codex by the species of creature or by the artist who designed the pets.

The Wishlist button will direct you to a sub-section of the Codex meant to help you with your collection. You can learn more about that in this article.


How pets appear in the Codex

  1. Pets Name: This is the official name of the pet or the Litter of pets.
  2. Artist: This is the artist who designed this pet.
  3. Species: This is the species of the pet. You can sort the codex by species with the upper settings.
  4. Release date: This is the date when the pet/set of pets was released. 
  5. Description: Every pet comes along with a description, or occasionally even a snippet of lore. Oftentimes this description will tell you when and/or how the pet or set was released.
  6. Pet Image: The is the image of the pet.
  7. Rarity: This is the rarity of the pet including it's rarity stone.
  8. Wishlist/Hoard List: With those two buttons you are able to add a pet to your wishlist or hoard list.
  9. Own a pet: This little sign shows you if you own this creature.

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