KittyCatKita has been an Artist since november 2013. She had her debut on December 2013 with her first litter of Glacier Rune Drakes.

As artist, her main focus is designing monthly and event pets.

About KittiCatKita

KittyCatKita is a girl from Canada who loves to make cosplays, go to conventions, play video games and, naturally, draw.

Her favorite videogame is Red Dead Redemption, which also happens to be the source of her forum avatar. She also uses her Fursona Maia often and likes to quote from movies.

Artist Stuff

For her art KittyCatKita uses a Wacom Intous 5 Touch tablet. She design her pets with paint tool SAI and uses Photoshop to save the files as transparents.

KittyCatKita is always inspired by all kinds of stuff around her, like the TV, something she reads, or even when something reminds her of something else. Of course some of her inspirations are her friends, who always throw her suggestions for pet designs.

Her favorite species to work with are Otterlings, Rune Dragons and Dire Wolves, but she can't decide on just one specific species. She also likes to do line edits unlike others.

KittyCatKita and Eldemore

KittyCatKita was found of the Rune Dragons way back when they were just a small adoption thread on another Forum based adoptable site. She never was lucky enough to get a custom herself but she managed to get an account during the early days of Eldemore's opening.

Due her big fantasy love KittyCatKita was naturally fond of the site. She mostly enjoys the welcoming community and the beautiful artwork of the site.

When she was hired as artist she never lost a though of getting picked. Some of her friends encouraged her to give it a try and she was very surprised that she got the job.

Mostly she enjoys an her work that she is able to create pet designs for others to enjoy, at least she always hope they do so.

She wishes for Eldemore's Future that is continues to grow an flourish.

(All informations and images are given by KittyCatKita herself)