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Hello and welcome to the Eldemore Wiki page! Here you will find all kind of information about Eldemore. Use the Navigation section below or above to browse through the wiki and make yourself familiar with the Land of Eldemore!  


If you'd like to know all about the current Eldemore Species you can click on the Eldemore Codex Section to come to a page, where all species are listed up. Also you'll find links to several years. There are all pets listed in which month or event they were released, and their official names to give you a better overview of every single pet. Right below this section you'll find the link to our People of Eldemore Page. There are all races of existing Eldemore people listed, from the Rune Bearers to the Serval Seekers. The next point is the Event Log. Every Event is listed up there, also with the associated Story behind each event. And if you are interested in the locations of all events you can find more information by clicking the Locations link under the Event Log. The Staff List will give you the opportunity to get to know the Staff Members a bit closer. The Early beginnings will be set to show how the site was founded, how the ideas come up and the first custom Rune Dragons and Elkrins. Last but not least, don't forget to visit the Important Links and Threads section. There you'll be giuded to very important threads by our admins which should be known by all users to be in good co-operation with everyone. 

This Wiki is currently under construction and new features will be added soon!

What is Eldemore?

Eldemore is a virtual adoption site with it's own forum and open for all aged people. You can collect all kinds of species around on Eldemore and keep them in your personal Homestead. You don't have to feed them or click on them to level up in any case, they are all growing by themselves after a certain numbers of days. The Founder Benathorn and Jendalie are placing much effort to all species design, landscape design and story development. 


You found any Mistakes? Feel Free to PM me, Insanity Abyss !

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