The land of Eld is a continent full of magic and mystery. Within this place dwell creatures called Runes. These Runes are dragons who carry a bit of magic in their rune mark and forge bonds with the human residents. There are many ethnicity's that range from the dark skinned gypsies to the light skinned individuals of Alabaster. These diverse peoples make up the human population which call Eldemore home. Though this land is made up of many towns, mountains, and rivers, we do not yet know of every mythical creature that lives here. Even the legendary Ancients were thought to be a myth until we figured out that they had been in hiding. Same for the Elkrin, which goes to show that this world of ours is always filled with a new mystery.

(By Benathorn )


Clicking on the "Explore" link will lead you to a map of Eldemore. There are several marked locations that you can visit from the map, used for previous or current events. After the evens of the All Hallow's Eve event, a darkness has begun spreading across the map.

Land of Eldemore2.1png

"Despite the events that recently took place, much of Eldemore seems to have returned to normal. A great calm resides over the land, but you can't help but feel like it is only the calm before the storm."


Retired Map pieces