Monthly Custom Raffles

In January 2016, the first official Custom Raffle was made. In this Raffle you are able to obtain a completely unique pet, but only if you are lucky enough.

The raffle works with the basic raffle rules, you have a form to fill out to enter and your account has to fulfill special qualifications. If you filled out the form correctly, and your account fulfills the given qualifications, you are within the tier to get a Custom pet. After two weeks, the admins will gather all entered forms, sum them up, and a random generator will choose a winner.

So, it's completely up to luck if you get one of these customs.

The current qualifications you need to get a customs are:

  • Your account has to be at least 3 months old
  • Your account needs at least 50 posts on it's counter

These qualifications are made to discourage the player creating multiple accounts to enter more then once and get a higher chance to win.

Link to the Site Raffle Forum

Monthly Customs Archive