musette was a moderator from Febuary 2014 until December 2015. She started the 'Staff Questionnaire' thread to give users the opportunity to ask questions to the Staff Members.

She was previously known as Viddi, but later changed her username.

About musette

musette is a girl from the US who loves singing, drawing and playing tennis.

Her favorite Eldemore pet is the Siren Sea Serval which comes along with a little bit of lore created by musette.

"The Siren Serval has been a prize treasure to pirates for many years. However, it is not an easy task to capture or bond to one of these creatures. The Siren's will only bond to those strong enough to resist their song, which has lead many to their graves. These servals are often found living within sunken ships deep beneath the water, their glowing yellow eyes allowing them to see easily in the murky depths."

musette and Eldemore

When musette first came across Eldemore she saw a lots of potential in it and decided to sign up an account and join the Eldemore community.

She likes the Lore and the Eldemore community the most, and of course she loves to help out around as moderator.

When moderator applications where up, she kind of debating with herself whether to try or not. However she gave it a try and was quite surprised that she was picked.

For Eldemores future she wishes to see the site grow and she is also looking forward to the new lore and upcoming events.

(All informations are given by musette herself.)