Oriental Isles

The Oriental Isles are located towards the south-east of Eldemore and away from the main continent. A few large islands make up this place, but the Jade Palace is settled at the heart of the islands. It is known to have the second largest city state, and the people and Runes who reside here are delicate and refined. They value honor and tradition above everything else, but hold a healthy interest in outsiders that visit their islands. Trade is prominent here, which the Orientals possess a high degree of intuition for. They produce exotic delicacies that are enjoyed by all of Eldemore. The Rune Dragons and Elkrin which are found here resemble the beautiful land and waters that surround them. The Rune Bearers who hail from the Isles are lean and slender in appearance with a pride that can never be broken. Eldemore would have never been able to progress without the creations and ideas that sprout from the Oriental Isles. 

(By Benathorn )

Valley Overlook

Valley Overlook

"You stand in the land of the Oriental Isles. A vast valley expands before you like a painting, the air cool and sweet with the scent of cherry blossoms on the wind."

Shrine in the Meadow

Shrine in the Meadow

"You stand before a modest shrine, the cherry blossoms falling around you in a calming scene."

Cherry Blossom Festival

The Cherry Blossom Festival was held in March. You were able to collect tokens and swap then into rare Pets.

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