Oriental Isles (Eastern Human Kingdom): TBD

- Jade Palace:

- Yin & Yang's Shrine:

- Cherry Blossom Fields:

-Oriental Isles' Emblem: All four human kingdoms proudly display a national emblem that distinguishes both themselves and the land they hail from. The Oriental Isles displays a crest with the rarely seen Royal Foo Dogs that protect the empire and its people. There are two golden dogs facing each other, each guarding an orb with a massive paw and menacing snarl, while a rising crimson sun rises from the jade hued ocean waters in the background.

Only the royals of the Jade Palace are graced with these rare and massive canines, save for the few large pups that they have sent as treasured gifts to valued kingdoms or people to strengthen trade and relations. These Dogs are said to be larger than a dire once grown into an adult and sport a thick mane with a flowing tail like that of the Keeper Ligers.

Though many have not even seen this creature in their lifetime, most know not to face the Empire lightly for fear of their behemoth guardian protectors who are infamous throughout Orient legend. The tales and art depict these large canines as facing off against a hundred men without ever backing down until all are crushed and consumed by the Oriental Guardian. Thus why the Eastern Kingdom proudly displays the beast in any art depicting strength and nobility, as well as being revered upon their national emblem for the rest of the realm to look on with envy and respect. (Nation Colors- Crimson, Gold and Jade)