Private Messages

One of Eldemore's forum features is the ability to write private messages to other users. These private messages are, as the name provides, private and can not be seen by other members except the recipient.

Due the fact those messages are private you have to follow special rules. Be sure to abide by all Eldemore rules, and remember that Admins and Mods are able to read your private messages if they are reported for rule-breaking.

Contact a Member

First, find a member to contact. You may choose one from your friends list, from the online list, or you can easily find a member when you browse through the Forum.

Once you've found the member you want to contact just visit their profile. There will be a direct link to the message surface.


The message surface looks similar to the posting surface. You can start off with your message like you would make a normal forum post.


Some fancy Example message


Your message can be as long as you like, with all kinds of topics you would like to talk about with your partner. Keep in mind to follow the Eldemore rules even if private messages are not visible in public.

If you are happy with your message you may hit the submit button to send your message to your partner, or safe it as a draft and edit it later on.

Afterwards you can receive a message from your partner with a nice reply on your topic.


Around the Messages

Now we will take a look around the private messages. There are a lot of things you can investigate here and there.


We will start off with your inbox.

Your inbox is the place where all your private messages arrive. You can change this in the settings later on. By default you have storage space of 500 messages. If you are out of storage space you will get a notification that you can not get new messages until you delete older ones.


Now we continue with your outbox. When you send a message but you are not sure about what you've written, you can re-read it by a simple click on the outbox. You will be lead to a list where you can view the messages you've send, but not read by your partner  yet. 


After your partner received your message and read it, the message will disappear from your outbox. Don't be afraid, though! You can still take a look at your message when you click on the Sent Messages.


Rules, Folder and Settings

For further customization you can now go into the Settings. You can create folders and rules for your messages to affect where they will be stored or get deleted instantly.


Helpful Links and Threads