Retired Art lines

With Eldemore constantly striving to improve, the linearts of various creatures are subject to change. Lineart changes do not retroactively affect old pets, but rather provide a new look for future releases.

Retired Elkrin Fawn lines

The first Elkrin fawn lineart was first seen in October 2013, during the All Hallow's Eve event. The last fawn on the first lineart was the monthly release in February 2014. 

The new Fawn lines were introduced in the bazaar with the Jade Elkrin in February 2014. The following month the adolescent stage was added with the monthlies. 

When the site first opened, Benathorn and Jendalie were quite busy with making lineart and pet designs. It came to a hard pressed rush for the Fawn Lines. The adolescent stages were not originally included, but added with the lineart update. After everything calmed down, Benathorn redrew the Fawn lines to better suit the style of the adults, which were made by Jendalie.

Old Fawn Lines New Fawn Lines New Mid stage Lines
155 277 280

Retired Otterling Lines

-Will be done when more information will be up-

Retired Drake Lines

-Will be done once the infos are up-

Retired Liger Lines