Rune Bearers

The most universal of professions, Rune Bearers are often travelers or explorers who are accompanied by a Rune Dragon, or sometimes more. They are essentially the 'jack of all trades' profession, not usually being experts at any one particular thing, but always willing to try everything at least once. Often, Rune Bearers are pilgrims of sorts, venturing out into the unknown to discover themselves and the world around them, always with a faithful Rune by their side to help lead the way. Many human youths favor such a lifestyle to get a feel for what it is they truly desire to do once they are grown, or simply to set out and forge their own paths.

Many human kingdoms offer sanctuary for these travelers if they state that they are Rune Bearers. Often times they welcome you, favoring any stories you tell in exchange for a hot meal or a place to stay. Rune Bearers will even sometimes form groups with other pilgrims of their kind to share in their many adventures while coming across the strange and wonderful creatures that inhabit their realm. However, dedicating yourself to this ever-moving lifestyle is not always for everyone. Only the truly curious and adventurous seem to prevail at this, so it is not uncommon for most to settle down somewhere to be an herbalist or soldier for a place they happened across and favored most during their time traveling. To be a Bearer is the starting point to the many paths that lay before you. The Runes you befriend often lead you along the path you are meant to take, one that is filled with fond memories shared and experienced across the realm until you find what it is you were searching for all along. 

Old Lore

Rune Bearers are simply humans who are the bearers of Rune Dragons . Of all the wondrous creatures in Eld, humans are the most unique in the fact that they are the only ones who can filter magic and use it at will as the world's energy passes through them. No other creature or race can do this and it is this trait which makes the humans stand apart and excel. A Rune Bearer is a common sight in these lands but there are many bearers, keepers, and riders that connect with other creatures too and use the magic they hold within themselves. Rune Bearers always have at least one Rune whom they have with them at all times and many enjoy keeping the same types of Runes with them. Such as dark elemental magic Runes or ones that are proficient at healing or light. A Rune Bearer can be just as diverse as the Runes they hold dear, as humans come from many diverse backgrounds. This is what makes Rune Bearer the most common profession to see.

(By Banathorn)