Scar became a general helper in May 2015. She joined the team together with cjr09 and Hyensa .

About Scar

Scar is a girl from the middle of the USA, who has a lot of very different hobbies. She enjoys drawing traditional, but is also trying digital art as well. Another hobby of her is writing stories. One day she wants to write a whole book. Furthermore, she likes to cook, especially when the result turns out delicious. On the other hand, she likes camping too, together with fishing and horse riding. Last but not least, she likes to sing, she said that she can not sing as well as she used to be, but that doesn't keep her from joining the choir of her hometown church.

Furthermore she wishes to add some of her favorite passions. Such as Les Friction is her favorite Band and her current favorite book is "House of dark shadows", but her favorite book of all time use to be "Black Beauty". But such as other young people, she is also addicted to video games. Her favorite of those are the Legend of Zelda and Okami.

Her personal quote: " soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness "

Scar and Eldemore

As like many other members, Scar loves the community, the pets, and the the story behind it very much. Becoming a staff member is her special way to say "Thank you" To Eldemore and it's community.

Scars favorite pet:


(All information are given by Scar herself)

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