Sphye started as a general helper in 2013, and was promoted to a Moderator in 2014. She's also a guest artist and just released her first liter on December 2014. She's very active in the 'Count as high as possible before a mod posts' thread to make the life of counting users a bit harder.

About Sphye

Sphye is a girl from the southern of the US which enjoys hiking, drawing and writing small stories.

Sphye and Eldemore

She first met the Runes and Elkrin when they were just a small thread on another forum based adoption page. When it was announced that Eldemore would officially launch she immediately went over and created an account.

Most of all she loves the beautiful site artwork, together with the nice community and the lore based around Eldemore.

As she applied as a general helper it sounded like fun way to help the site out. Mostly on her position she enjoys to see what is going on behind the scenes.

For Eldemore's future she wishes to see more features for user to interact with the lore.

(All informations are given by Sphye herself)