The Ashmoors

"You have decided to finally leave this awful place with the stranger and his crow Muzu. Though you don't yet know his name, he has assured you that all shall be revealed in due time. However, he has at least mentioned that he is from a group that dedicates themselves to watching and protecting Eldemore...whatever that means."

The Ashmoors

This is a barren landscape that spreads across the edges of Eldemore's continent. The Ash Moors were not always called this, nor was the land covered in ash as it is now. But what transpired to cause such a vast area to become so desolate is unknown. Whispers tell of a great battle which took place for the freedom of Eldemore from an ancient foe. All of Eldemore's creatures and races gathered to fight this great evil which threatened their lives and land. We can only assume that they were victorious since our land is free and full of life to this day. However, the Ash Moors are a testament to what could have happened, and any who touch the dead land can feel the pure hate and darkness that destroyed whatever once stood there. Perhaps this is a clue to how the Elkrin and their riders nearly fell to extinction? Perhaps even the Runes and Ancients , and all the other races who fought against the darkness, were once on the verge of disappearing as well. However, all have fought to survive to this would be quite a tale to know what happened in that ancient time. But to this day, the Ash Moors still hold a malice to them that keeps the place empty and devoid of life. 

(By Benathorn )

All Hallows' Eve 2014

The Ashmoors were descovered to celebrate the Halloween Event "All Hallows' Eve" In the Year 2014. You were able to visit Steve the stump, he was up to give you tokens or rare upcomming pets. At the End of the Event, as the Obsidion Gate breaks apart, and the Ancient of Oblivion appeared, Steve got burned down an shows his True form being a mayestic Phoenix. The story will find his continue in the following Christmas Event, which will show us how the we can stop the darkness to take over on Eldemore.