The Celtlands

The Celtlands are an area located towards the north of Eldemore's continent and encompasses the rolling hills and mountains of the region. A more hardy people live here with thick flowing accents and open hearts. These lands are filled with mystical places, such as the Flickering Vales . Strange and wondrous tales are told here, and the Runes and creatures that call this place home are just as magical. Ancient secrets are buried beneath these rolling hills and the people are at one with the land. The residents are of paler skin with fierce sharp eyes and flowing hair, they are welcoming of outsiders for the most part but their loyalty lies with their own people and the bonds they make with their Runes. To be a part of the Celtlands is to be a part of a proud race and the towns that dot these vast hills are a sight to see with elegant carvings and intricate woven art. A land filled with mystery, the Celtlands are truly a magical place.

(By Benathorn)