The Flickering Vales

"An ancient ground stretches out before you, with monumental stones standing about in surreal silence."

The Flickering Vales

The Flickering Vales is an area located near the Celtlands. These sparse forests and rolling hills are known for their mystery and lore. Legend tells of the old magic located here within ancient stone and rock, of how the air seems to flicker at times when the moon is full, and glowing stones spark with a magical glow. Some say it is a tear between dimensions, while others state that an unknown, Ancient power is the source of such anomalies. However, all will agree that this place is more active when All Hallows' Eve rolls around...

(By Benathorn)

All Hallows' Eve

This location was made for the Halloween celebration festival "All Hallows' Eve". You wre able to get tokens and some Rare pets. These are Listed in the Codex.