Tyasi has been our official Archivist since February 2014. Her main work as archivist is to sum up monthly and event pets in a well organized thread, so that users can easily keep track of every outcome. As of May 2015, she is also an official Artist for Eldemore.

About Tyasi

Tyasi is a girl from the US who loves watching anime, working with computers, and doing art. Some of her favorite Eldemore creatures are her personal customs:




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Artist Stuff

For inspiration, Tyasi uses everything that comes across her mind, be it a dream she's had, or a single inspiring word.

She uses a Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet and does her work with Paint tool SAI, Photoshop or Fire Alpaca.

Her favorite species to design are the Elkrin.

Tyasi doesn't have something she likes to draw the most, but she prefers sketching and pixel art. The reason why her designs won't contain much line edits is that she really dislikes to line. This is also the main reason why she hasn't any real finished artworks.

Tyasi and Eldemore

Tyasi was a part of the original adoption thread way back on Chicken Smoothie. She was late joining the game, but was active enough to earn some customs by herself. She was really exited as Eldemore was announced to the public, and immediately created an account for herself. She owns the first non- beta/tester account on Eldemore.

Most of all she loves the Eldemore Lore and the world itself. She likes how Eldemore feels like a natural place, balanced with destruction and to heal.

She found the Rune Dragons adoption thread through a friend of hers, who was already a part of the rune dragon adopts. By that time, she was really forum shy and was to scared participating onto the adoptions. Later on, she decide to give it a try and obtained some runes by herself, which do not suite her perfectly in her opinion, however her favorite custom is her Rune Dragon Morrighan, which was often used as forum avatar by herself.

Back in the early days of Eldemore, when there wasn't a codex at all, applications opened up for the archivists position. Tyasi wanted to be helpful to the site and decided to apply for the archivist position. As she loves archiving things and retaining knowledge of fictional worlds, she found herself perfectly matched with the archivist's position.

For Eldemore's future she would like to know more about the Lore and more stuff to read about Eldemore.

(All information and Images are given by Tyasi herself)