Watch Crows

An old order said to have originated when the four human kingdoms were first founded across Eldemore's lands, the Watch Crows are a secretive and mysterious group. What they do and how their actions shape the lands is not fully understood or known, but many have a quiet fear and respect for them due to the endless dark tales which surround their order and its agents.

No one really knows who the members of this group are, unless one reveals themselves to you. Many speculate as to who their true leaders are or how many agents fill their ranks. The Watch Crows are said to be everywhere, seeing all that transpires from within the shadows. Whether that rumor is just a scare tactic to have their presence felt across the realm is up for debate, but none can deny that whenever chaos seems imminent, it is quietly silenced, many believe by the Crows' unseen actions. 

While the Crows are surrounded by mystery, it is largely speculated that there are distinct roles within their ranks. Some are meant to be the eyes for the Crows, ever-watchful and observant of the world for the slightest hint of disarray to report to the others. Some others place their skills towards being the talons of their order, striking down any who upset the land's balance with deadly precision and skillful tact. All who join their ranks live by the fabled creed of the Crows, 'To Watch and Protect', a saying that holds as much forbearance as it does hope.

Despite the mystery that surrounds this order, members of the Watch Crows are rumored to always be accompanied by a single crow, or other closely bonded creature. These birds are seen everywhere in Eldemore, with many speculating that they too are agents of the Order in their own way. They have always been unnaturally clever creatures. Their eyes are sometimes seen glowing with a magical aura that suggests they are connected to their chosen partner by some untold means. Yet, regardless of the many oddities and secrets of this group, the Watch Crows seem to care little about what race, gender or background you came from. Their members must be completely loyal to the cause and willing to take great risks to ensure the safety of their group and that of Eldemore, at any cost. The order of the Crows are ever-present and forever watchful, and though there are countless rumors and dark tales about what exactly they do, every race and kingdom seems to know of them in their own way, despite whatever fears or reservations they harbor against this infamous organization.