Arc (14)
Dire Wolves are large canines with two tails and devastating magical powers. They originate from the desert capital of Darak'i and are a large part of the people's traditions there. These wolves come in a variety of hues and fur coats but they are large in size though not as massive as the Ligers . They despise the Liger race for a number of reasons but for the most part get along well with their other neighbors. They also make the Elkrins feel uneasy, but welcome the sight of any Rune Bearers or Drakes. They are fiercely loyal to their Warden counterpart and bond with their human at a young age. Once the two have grown up together, an unbreakable friendship is made, one that rivals all of the other races and their bonds. A Dire Wolf is highly keen on their territory, but lack the stealth that the Ligers possess. Instead they make up for their weaknesses by pairing with a human Warden. This allows the Dire Wolf's magic to flow through the Warden, giving the human the ability to cast spells that can wreak great havoc upon their enemies. "Alone we are weak, but as a pack we are strong!" Such is the mantra that the wolves have instilled in both their pack and Wardens. A Dire Wolf would die for his Warden master, but not before ensuring that it takes down their enemies with them. They are one of the most numerous species, besides the Runes, and rival even the Drake Cavalry of Alabaster City

(By Benathorn )