Arc (13)
Glasswork dragons are small creatures no larger than a dragonfly. They can fit in the palm of a hand and live in pocket watches that they call home. A Glasswork dragon usually builds it's own pocket watch by weaving rare metal and glass it finds while working it's small dainty paws to create a beautiful work of art that it calls home. These creatures are very independent for something so small and are certainly not afraid to fight for materials that are rightfully their own. In fact, the Glasswork dragons are quite the miniature warriors, and will smith small armor suits for themselves to do battle in, all the while appearing quite charming in the process. They are master craftsman, glass-workers, and metal-smiths; they use their small magical flames to blow glass or melt metal into remarkable works of art while also using their dainty paws to construct pocket watches that are always on time. A Glasswork dragon prides themselves on their chosen talent. Some will choose to remain in workshops, helping the local smith or glass-blower perfect their works, while others will travel their large world in search of the perfect metals to construct a new suit of armor. This just goes to show that the tiniest of creatures is also one of the greatest artisans in all the land.

(By Benathorn )