What is a Humming Bumble?


These insect-like birds are one of the realm's smaller species and are about the size of a child's palm. Petite and somewhat skittish, Humming Bumbles live on the go and are speedy flyers due to their two sets of wings. Insect-like wings located just under its first pair allow the creature to hover in place during feeding and examination, while feathered plumage gives them more steer and control over their aerial acrobatics. However, Hum-Bums and Glassworks are known for their feuding turf wars over sky space and it is not uncommon to see the two small species fight on a constant basis. Both are stubborn and light on their feet, and being about the same size, it's no wonder they don't get along most of the time.

Despite their ongoing war with the glassworks, they are excellent little flyers who mainly feast on nectar and smaller insects on a constant basis to keep up with their fast metabolisms. Because of this, large flocks of various species of humming bumbles migrate every year all across Eldemore in search for a constant supply of food. All the races appreciate these small birds in some way, but it is commonly the human youth who have especially taken a shine to them. Humming bumbles naturally bond to young children due to their similar natures, and are surprisingly quite the quirky, yet ever protective guardians, of their small charges. Though they are very small themselves, a humming bumble is unafraid to challenge even a wild drake if it means to protect their bonded from danger. A testament to their 'larger than life' attitude, as well as being quite tactful and effective at distracting whatever would wish their companion harm.