Arc (15)
Giant cats that vary in both color and appearance, they are only ever seen at the Keeper monastery atop Mt. Bastion. These large cats are highly intelligent and very powerful in their own right. They communicate with their Keepers by using magic to speak to anyone they so choose. After all, a Liger would brag that they know over a hundred different languages, to which they would be correct. Though they act haughty in nature, and uncaring of what goes on about them, these giant beasts care deeply for their human counterparts, even if they would rather give sarcastic remarks or insults to show it. The older Ligers are far more mature than the so called 'cubs' of their order, but all of these cats have a certain high opinion of themselves, while having a great knowledge of their surroundings. It is nearly impossible to sneak up on a Liger and its Keeper. Each cat prides itself on its magical attributes. They only choose one Keeper in their lifetime, placing a magical mark upon the human and constantly stating that they are theirs and not the other way around. A Liger's magic is more powerful than an Elkrin or a Rune but they excel at strength and stealth more than anything. Like the Elkrins, a Liger's magic will influence their Keepers appearance, almost giving them a feline look to them while also enhancing their senses. A Keeper will certainly stand apart from a crowd atop their Liger, but for the most part both are rarely seen and usually stay atop their mountain in seclusion.

(By Benathorn )