Arc (10)

Rune Drakes are massive dragons that rival all the great creatures in size. These rare beasts are known to only ever bond with humans and for very good reasons. It was often thought by the other races that these creatures were far too chaotic in nature to ever be tamed or considered an honorable companion, however, leave it to the one race that is viewed to be similar to find a way to tame these so called 'chaotic beasts.'

Humans were the first to reach out to the Drakes, not in a show of strength or overzealous dominance, but as equals. It only took a few to learn that these proud and fearsome beasts deserved respect and understanding, and those who are chosen by a Drake to ride with them know all too well how much effort and risks it takes to even be considered as an equal to these complex creatures. Though it is far more easier, and safer, to bond with a Rune Drake when it hatches from an egg, there are a few great and well known individuals in human history that have bonded with an adult Drake and lived to tell the tale. Only four humans have been known to have done this, and it is from these great four woman and men that the Northern kingdom of Alabaster now has its fabled Dragoons.

Old Lore

Rune Drakes are a larger breed of dragon that are not often seen with human Bearers. The Drakes are in constant conflict with man, and a Rune Bearer is only able to create a bond with one if they rear it from an egg. Drake eggs are constantly stolen from these air-born beasts to be raised by military officials as large mounts or sold on the black market. This is the source of hate from the Rune Drakes and why many adult Drakes are killed by poachers and hunters who covet the value of finding their nests filled with valuable eggs. However, when an egg is raised by a kind bearer, a powerful ally is gained, as well as a bond that defies the hate and violence that Drake and man have become ensnared in. 

(By Benathorn )