Arc (11)
Great dragons with vast amounts of magic at their disposal. Though they resemble Runes to a degree, these large beast grow to be large and imposing in size, but what is truly special about them is how they have avoided detection all these years. Ancients can use their magic to take on the form of a human being, though most still posses markings and vibrant eyes which can give them away to the trained eye. They covet humans more than anything and search endlessly to have a human become their summoner. Once this human is found the Ancient will create either a bless or cursed pact with the summoner, thus bestowing them with vast amount of magical abilities and sometimes even immortality. If an Ancient has a summoner by his or her side, they can use the human as a filter to store and let their magic flow through endlessly without strain, thus making the Ancient much more powerful... 

(By Benathorn )