Arc (12)
The Elkrins were once numerous across the land of Eld. They varied in appearance and markings, and although they do not posses the great magical abilities as the Runes and Ancients, they do hold a small bit of magic of their own, as do all things in Eldemore. But these majestic dragon-type deer have all but vanished from the land and are now on the verge of extinction. Effort is being made to bring back this elegant race as well as the great Elkrin Riders who once rode upon the backs of these mythical steeds. The Elkrins have a different method of bonding with a humans, called 'imprinting', where the deer accepts a rider as its own and gives the human permission to ride on his or her back. They also have the ability to influence and change a human's appearance to become more slender and elegant in nature, much like the Elkrins they ride. This was how the Elkrin Rider race was made and hopefully they can be brought back once more along with the great Elkrin.

(By Benathorn )